InMoment Adds More Language Support and Deeper VoC Analytics

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The company is continuing on its growth trajectory.

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Five9’s Freedom Release Opens a New Chapter in Contact Center Solutions

Does the customer always come first, or does agent happiness? Five9's Freedom aims to make both sides happy by providing streamlined technology that promises to boost the customer experience.

Michele Masterson | May 21, 2015
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Twitter’s New DM Feature is Changing How Brands Provide Social Customer Support

Though interactions will now be more quick and seamless, there are some caveats.

Maria Minsker | May 15, 2015
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NICE Integrates Vidyo into Contact Center Platform

Video capabilities not only provide protection from compliance violations, but can further customer relationships.

Michele Masterson | May 12, 2015
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Emotion is the 'Biggest Lever You Have to Pull' When it Comes to Customer Experience, Forrester Finds

There were a few surprises on Forrester's 2015 CX Index.

Maria Minsker | May 08, 2015
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Connecting with Your Customers: The Internet of Things Is Poised to Disrupt the Contact Center

In the age of hyper-connectedness, appliances and smart systems will be able to send auto notifications to representatives. Brace yourselves, the IoT is coming to a contact center near you.

Michele Masterson | May 06, 2015
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Microsoft Updates Parature With New Engagement Functions and Deeper Search Capabilities

In the second wave of major updates this year, Microsoft furthers its integration of Parature products.

Maria Minsker | May 01, 2015
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Don’t Blame Apathetic Agents for Poor Customer Service

Agents who have mentally checked out of their jobs means dissatisfying customer experiences. But why are they detached? Hint: Look up the corporate ladder.

Michele Masterson | Apr 30, 2015