Contact Centers Cuddle Up to Intelligent Virtual Assistants

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Cold software combined with warm bodies equals happy customer care.

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Five9 Fall Release Dives Deeper into CRM Pool; Amps Up Oracle and Zendesk Integrations

Separately, Five9 releases a standalone TCPA solution to comply with FCC regulations.

Michele Masterson | Oct 09, 2014
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Is Your Customer Engagement in Sync with the Digital Disruption?

The convergence of technology shifts means looking at users based on their digital proficiency.

Michele Masterson | Oct 02, 2014
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Kana Connect 2014: Connecting the Dots Between Customer and Employee Journeys

Speakers highlight the problem of service gaps between channels; Verint Engagement Analytics is announced.

Michele Masterson | Sep 23, 2014
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Whose Customer Experience Is It Anyway?

Miscommunication and division between lines of business can spell a customer exodus.

Michele Masterson | Sep 18, 2014
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Social Communities May Be the Ticket to Winning Customer Satisfaction

It may take a village to keep your customers happy and improve your bottom line, but you need patience.

Michele Masterson | Sep 11, 2014
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Fail to Deliver Great Customer Service to Millennials at Your Own Risk

Companies that ignore this generation can kiss their brands good-bye.

Michele Masterson | Sep 04, 2014
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Customer Service Experience 2014 Day Three: Vendors, Stop Confusing the Customer Service Buyer

You say tomato, I say tomahto—let's just call it customer service.

Michele Masterson | Aug 21, 2014