Vonage to Acquire NewVoiceMedia

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The acquisition of cloud contact center provider NewVoiceMedia is valued at $350 million.

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The WhatsApp Business API Is Giving Brands a New Customer Service Route

Earlier this summer, Facebook introduced a new WhatsApp Business API in an effort to enable businesses to communicate with consumers using the Facebook-owned messaging app. Now, companies including Uber, Netflix, and about 100 others are leveraging the API to deliver customer service via the app.

Maria Minsker | Sep 14, 2018
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Agent Roles Change with Technology and Power: A Q&A With Salesforce.com Executive Vice President and Service Cloud General Manager Bill Patterson

Patterson sees customer service agents' roles far differently now as customers have gained more control of their interactions with companies.

Sep 10, 2018
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Facebook Wants to Provide Banking Customer Support Via Messenger

In an effort to offer new services to users, such as fraud alerts, Facebook is seeking access to users' banking data and has asked large U.S. banks to share detailed financial information about their customers, including card transactions and checking-account balances.

Maria Minsker | Sep 07, 2018
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In the Travel Industry, Customer Service Matters More Than Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs may be big drivers of engagement in some industries, but they're not as important as customer service when it comes to the travel space, a new study from Think with Google, Google's marketing data and research group, and Greenberg Research revealed.

Maria Minsker | Aug 31, 2018
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NICE inContact Launches CXone Summer 2018 Release

CXone's latest version features new embedded analytics and omnichannel social capabilities.

Aug 27, 2018
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Observe.AI Wants to Use AI to Help Customer Service Agents—Not Make Them Obsolete

A start-up with roots in the United States and India, Observe.AI just secured $8 million in funding to continue developing its artificial intelligence-powered call center system.

Maria Minsker | Aug 24, 2018
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[24]7.ai Adds Advanced Conversational Capabilities to Its Virtual Agent

The conversational capabilities aim to provide the agent with emotional intelligence.

Sam Del Rowe | Aug 22, 2018