New Start-Up Talkdesk Promises to Create a Call Center in Five Minutes

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In a crowded market, the vendor attempts to differentiate itself with speed and solid caller ID functionality.

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Customers Still Have to Channel-Hop to Fix Woes, a New Study Finds

While customers are increasingly contacting customer service in multiple channels, many companies remain unsure of implementation, especially when it comes to the social media channel.

Michele Masterson | Jun 25, 2015
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Marriott's Secret Sauce for Loyalty: Its Employees

How can you drive customer engagement? Take a page from Marriott's playbook and recognize that human capital may be your best resource.

Michele Masterson | Jun 18, 2015
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Verint Engage Conference: Adding Emotional Connections Is a Key Differentiator

The conference's keynote speaker says that creativity, risk-taking, and emotional engagement can be as powerful as analytics.

Michele Masterson | Jun 11, 2015
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Interactive Intelligence Unveils PureCloud Engage at Interactions 2015

PureCloud Engage is designed to help contact centers accelerate business impact, deliver consistent outcomes, and improve the customer and agent experience.

Leonard Klie | Jun 09, 2015
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Facebook Is Testing "Saved Replies" Feature for Business Users

The social network expands Messenger's customer service features with a time-saving tool.

Maria Minsker | Jun 05, 2015

Nexidia Illuminates Captioning Solutions

New suite enables broadcasters to comply with FCC regulations at scale.

Michele Masterson | Jun 04, 2015
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Mattersight Offers Call Routing with a Twist

Using speech analytics to create personality models, agents are better matched with callers, yielding stronger engagements.

Michele Masterson | Jun 02, 2015